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Jurgenk Global Service Nigeria Limited is poised to be your trusted partner for Contracts, Procurement, and General Merchandise solutions.

Build Your Dream

Years Of Undefeated Success

When you trust us with your project, you not only get innovative solutions, you get our fully vested team and a commitment to doing things right. Our relentless focus on success leads to smarter more collaborative building practices.


Successfully Project Finished.


Years of experience with proud


Contracts, Procurement, and General Merchandise


Colleagues are counting more daily


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

It begins with design development. Working hand-in-hand with our  partners, we select an approach that meets your programmatic, budgetary, and aesthetic goals

We Follow Best Practices


Transform Communities Across the Globe

From smart sensors to comprehensive integrated project analytics, we track and trend progress, quality, safety and more. This data allows us to understand the immediate and potential impacts of items and provides a simple means of examining complex data, provide you with options, and resolve challenges before they become issues.


Poised to be your trusted partner for Contracts, Procurement, and General Merchandise solutions.

Our Specialization

Our core competencies lie in our ability to provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, customer satisfaction, and leveraging our expertise and experience.

Expertise /Experience

With years of experience in Contracts, Procurement, and General Merchandise, we have developed a deep expertise in our field. Our team’s knowledge and skills enable us to provide innovative and effective solutions.

Working Preference

We understand that each client may have specific working preferences. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to different working styles and environments, ensuring a smooth collaboration throughout the project.

Typical Site Organization

For on-site projects, we establish a well-organized site structure that ensures smooth operations, efficient resource allocation, and adherence to safety and quality standards.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to a strict code of conduct that governs our actions and interactions. Our code of conduct promotes professionalism, integrity, respect, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business.

Customer Satisfaction Rate 94%
Project Completion rate 91%

Brief Description of Service

Jurgenk global service Nigeria Limited offers a wide range of services including Contracts, Procurement, and General Merchandise. We provide end-to-end solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Quality Relationship

At Jurgenk global service Nigeria Limited, we believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients. Our Quality Control Relationship Plan ensures effective communication, timely feedback, and mutual understanding to deliver successful outcomes.

Public relations

We maintain a professional dress code to uphold our company’s image and create a favorable impression with clients. Our dress code reflects our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

As a responsible organization, we prioritize discipline and ethical behavior. Our  disciplinary method ensures that all employees adhere to our code of conduct, promoting a positive work environment.

Quality Assurance Program (QAP):

We have implemented a robust Quality Assurance Program to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of quality. Our QAP includes regular audits, inspections, and adherence to industry best practices.

Quality Improvement Program

To continually enhance our services, we have a dedicated Quality Improvement Program in place. This program focuses on identifying areas for improvement, implementing corrective actions, and measuring the effectiveness of our improvements.